Imagine a haircut not restricted by the rules of symmetry, nor bound by the limitations of length... A haircut with the ability to transform itself, based on a specific moment in time... Morphed, Michael O' Rourke's latest collection haircut, is more than just a cut. It's a technique that simultaneously engages elements of texture, art and design. It can be adapted to suit any face, every mood, and each style. Express yourself easily and efficiently... embrace the beauty of change...Prepare to be...MORphed.


Begin by misting the hair with Healthy Sexy HairTM Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. This conditioning spray allows for better control in cutting and greater ease in sectioning the hair. It also protects the hair from static electricity!

Sectioning the Hair:

Divide the hair into 5 Sections:

• Section top from the recession to below the crown and clip.

• Section sides from top of the ear to recession (parietal ridge).

• Section from top of the ear across the opposite to top of ear and clip.

• Bottom section is from top of the ears across the occipital down.



Section 1 Bottom Back

Divide into 7 equal vertical sub-sections.

• Starting with the middle sub-section, elevate slightly then cut down and out to desired length. Entry point is determined by desired results and hair density.

• Repeat the same movement for each sub-section alternating lengths short and long. Variations in lengths will depends on desired results. Laterally direct each sub-sectin straight back.

Section 2 Middle Back

Drop down section 2 and again divide into 7 sub-sections.

• Starting with the middle sub-section repeat down and out movment entering slightly above the guide from Section 1.

• Again, laterally direct straight back and cut to lengths as in Section 1.

Section 3 Left Side

Sub-section into 2 equal vertical sections.

• The above the ear sub-section is not laterally directed but is elevated slightly and cut shorter than the section behind the ear. Using a down and out movement and the guide from Section 2, cut to desired length.

• The sub-section from the front is laterally directed to the ear and using the same down and out movement cut to a longer length approximately the same as behind the ear.


 Section 4 Right Side

Repeat exactly the same as in Section 3.Section 5

Drop down the top and section out a triangle from the recession area on each side to halfway between the hairline and the crown.

• Separate front from back at the top of the ears.

• The top back section from ear to ear is also divided into 7 equal     vertical sub-sections.

• Using the guide from underneath (Section 2) cut up and out and to the length of Sections 1 and 2. Laterally direct each sub-section straight back and repeat the up and out movement.

• Section the sides again into 2 equal vertical sub-sections.

• For the sub-sections above the ear, use a guide from the underneath section, then cut up and out to the length of sections 3 and 4.

• The triangle (fringe) is divided into 4 equal sub-sections. Elevate each sub-section straight out and cutting from the underneath, use the up and out movement to create shorter underneath lengths with longer lengths on top.

• If a shorter to longer result is desired, laterally direct each sub-section to the shorter sub-section and use the same underneath guide.

• Each section will be left slightly longer than the previous sub-section.

• Section out a square at the crown and divide into 4 equal squares.

• Standing at each corner, elevate each section to 90 degrees then cut up and out. Create a new shorter guide underneath to achieve individual desired results.

• The amount of density that is removed will determine the amount of lift in the crown area. Cut to desired length and be sure to cut each section to a fine taper to blend.


Apply Big Sexy Hair Root Pump to the crown and work a small amount of Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Gel throughout the rest of the MORphed design. Blow dry for desired results using the 5 Stroke Blow Drying Method. Use Short Sexy Hair Gleam Me Up for separation and texture and finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play. For added shine lightly apply Big Sexy Big Shine!

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