Vivienne Mackinder - Amour Kollektion

Die neue Amour Kollektion von Vivienne Mackinder. Nicht das Klischee-Braut-Image, Amour, Liebe auf Französisch, schaut über den Tellerrand. Vivienne kreierte moderne Looks und Styles passend zu jeder Persönlichkeit einer Braut, egal ob Märchenprinzessin, Hippie, klassische oder minimalitische Braut. Diese Looks zeigen auf ehrliche weise wie eine Frau heute gesehen werden möchte.

The Looks


Model 1: Very Grace Kelly in tone, this bride is very minimal and classic. The hair was set using a curling iron and then divided into two sections from the top of the head into the nape the hair was gathered together into a rope braid, push/pulled and put into a loose chignon in the nape of the neck. The hair from the hairline was then twisted, ruched, opened and draped over the head and blended into the chignon at the nape of the neck.

Model 2: The hair was marcel waved throughout the entire head, starting at the top surface and slowly working down the head and into the interior. The hair was then gathered into a low chignon bun and placed into a faux bob.

Model 4: This classic look features the hair in a soft wave and chignon. The hair was divided into a side-­?part, marcel waved through the side and the remaining hair was tied into a low ponytail. The hair was then divided into several ropes and push/pulled into an open chignon bun in the nape of the neck. The wave was blended into this.

Model 6: For this ponytail, the hair was subdivided, sectioning off the top part of the hair, which was backcombed later. The remaining hair was gathered and tied into a very tight ponytail. Each section was blow dried up toward the ponytail. Simplicity hair extensions were added to the ponytail. Once the hair was secured using embroidery silk, the remaining hair was designed. The hair was set using a curling iron, the hair was then backcombed using a method called “stack & pack”, then smoothed back and broken up by the fingers to create a ripple effect and secured into the ponytail.

Model 8: In this soft wave look, the hair was horizontally waved using a marcel iron to create big, soft waves. It was gently brushed through. Then using a meshing technique, the hair was backcombed very lightly and then dry finger waved.

Model 9: The hair was divided into a low side parting then set using a marcel iron, the hair was brushed out allowing it to softly wave. The low side sweep falls across the forehead in a rope braid, then gently push/pulled.

Model 10: The hair was set using a curling iron and then back-­?brushed using a cotton candy technique. The hair was then smoothed away from the face and a headband was placed to keep the hair tight away from the face. All of the hair was then tucked under to create a round, circular effect, inspired by the classic 1900’s Gibson girl. Once the hair was pinned into place, it was then sewn using elastic black thread, creating a ripple effect with valleys and peaks. The hairstyle is asymmetric.

Model 11: The hair was vertically set using a marcel curling iron, then gently teased around the ear for volume and cascaded back into a low ponytail with a half up half down effect and the rest of the hair was allowed to softly cascade creating vertical ripples and the suggestion of a faux bob with a long back.

Model 12: The hair was sleeked off the face and pinned tightly to have a snug effect. All of the hair in the back of the head from the crown to the nape was set for curl and texture. The hair was then backcombed using a cotton candy technique, the hair was then smoothed into a very large bun and pinned, then sewn with a yellow embroidery silk to create valleys and peaks. A necklace was placed around the head instead of a traditional tiara.


The Team:

Hair: Vivienne Mackinder    For Intercoiffure America/Canada

Hair Assistant: Rosemary Tejeda Photography: Julia Pogodina Stylist: David Widjaja

Make up: David Maderich

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