Nicole Kae - Kimono Kollektion

Die neue Kimono Kollektion von Nicole Kae

Captured in its namesake Kimono, this collection carries the simple concept of the iconic Japanese garment thing to wear into a portfolio of hair designs.  Whilst displaying a strong fashion forward approach in relation to cutting techniques, Kimono is a collection that portrays hair to wear, a stunning equilibrium of comfortable chic.

Inspired by Designer's such as Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Rosie Assoulin and TOME whose models sauntered with serenity at the New York Spring RTW shows, consummately cool artist Nicole Kae delivers that exact sentiment within an authentic hair fashion series.  

Whilst structure and foundation is very deliberate and strong, styling is fluid and malleable in most parts, with strong commercial appeal.  Keeping the fashion and background palette neutral, Kae includes two muted pastel tones in pale blueberry and apricot inducing delicate highlights into an otherwise very natural configuration.  

In wanting to display evidence of the artist's strong affinity with editorial hairdressing, a tactile curl dressing features alongside a soft crop with unique detailing running through the part line.  In contrast, an architectural Afro look adds an uncompromising linear structure, whilst the collection's hero combines elements of both solid form and linear interruption through the fringe area.  

Providing a strong commercial continuation from her heavily published 2015 collection Plié, Kae maintains her position as an artist with an impressive eye for fashion and highly commendable technical execution.

Nicole Kae Biography

With a keen eye for image creation, and the ability to seamlessly transition from one team to the next, Nicole Kae is a definitive artist whose ability to communicate her vision with inimitable empathy for her fellow creatives is highly sought after.  

As a valued member of the TONI&GUY Artistic Team, education plays a pivotal role in Nicole's career, both as an educator and as a participant.  The originality in her work can be attributed to a thought process that digs a little deeper than the trends already told.  

A conceptual thinker and true inventor, Nicole debuts her inaugural collection at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2015, a definitive leap into a world where she will provide real inspiration to her peers, as she modestly explores her own ideas, with a heartfelt joy for the artistic creation process.

2016 Australian F.A.M.E. Team    Winner
2016 AHFA Newcomer of the Year     Finalist
Top 12 2015 Australian FAME Team    Finalist
2015 Hotshots Fashionista     Finalist
2015 AHFA Newcomer of the Year     Finalist

Nicole is Artistic Director at TONI&GUY Newtown


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