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Waves and Colors by Gonzalo Zarauza

The perfect combination for dazzling hair.

"Waves and Colors" is a collection born with the idea of highlighting the beauty of hair, fusing waves and color and making these two components of the capillary design, its inspirational source.

For me the hair is magical and unique because, being a solid element, it adopts sinuous and changing forms, as if it were liquid. Amongst these forms, waves stand out, with their elegance and movement they bewitch and they fall in love to who looks at them. Waves in the hair don't go out of fashion, they are the essence of femininity and "glamour".

On the other hand, color floods everything that surrounds us. What would the world be without color? Probably a sadder and depressing place. What if we think about art or fashion or hairdressing? Nowadays, cosmetics and technology allow us to get hair with all the color palette, even with those colors that have nothing to do with their own nature. It is precisely these kinds of colors that I have used in waves and color.

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