Manuel Mon & Gonzalo Zarauza - Abyss Kollektion

Die neue Abyss Kollektion von Manuel Mon & Gonzalo Zarauza

ABYSS is the result of a collaboration between Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza. Colleagues for over 20 years, they share aesthetic criteria on which woman’s beauty is the ultimate goal. They always had the whim to do something together and finally it has materialized through this collection. "Combining efforts we boost creativity"

The unfathomable abyssal depths are home for a sophisticated and monstrous, but full of beauty, wildlife. Shapes, colour, light and movement in the dark and gloomy abyss of the deep sea. This unfathomable and almost unknown habitat has served as inspiration to create the Abyss collection. Four beautiful women with wet skins, enigmatic look and mysterious air.

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