Kobi Bokshish - Tectonic Kollektion

Die neue Tectonic Kollektion von Kobi Bokshish

Key Objectives:

To represent the fundamentals – to revive a focus on core cutting and styling skills, ultimately driving in-salon services.

To create a collection based on truly unique references – a series of images inspired by nature and the Universe, not the work of peers.

To inspire creativity whereby hairdressers connect with the world on a deeper level.

To challenge existing standards of beauty – accentuating the raw-beauty of a woman.

The Inspiration and Thinking

With every collection I work to draw inspiration from sources other than the work of others. My team and I strive to create style, colour and texture previously unseen, and there is no better reference than the endless possibilities of Mother Nature.

With the objective of celebrating raw beauty, I delved deeper into global landscapes and how these are affected, organically, by natural disaster. With every piece of research, every new image, I formed a deeper connection with the theme – bewitched by the beauty in these natural disaster-zones.

It is the Earth’s Tectonic plates where natural disasters occur – their movement stimulating earthquakes, volcanic activity and mountain-building – and therefore it made perfect sense for my collection to build on this title, evolving in shape and texture to reflect the impact of this fascinating occurrence.

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