Ulises Mesa - The Change Collection

Die The Change Collection von Ulises Mesa

Mazinger Z! Fiiists ooout! The robot piloted by K?ji Kabuto bewildered us in front of the two-channel TV of the 70s. Beneath the ambiguous makeup of Baron Ashler’s hermaphrodite face, each half articulated opposing expresions. Dr. Hell oozed malice through his bristled white hair, always hirsute and motionless. Then Aphrodite, with her ejection breasts, though feminine, was the counterpoint to the mighty robot.

What a boundless imagination! Today it seems easy, but then... Robots and characters moving as static. I can not deny their influence in my life.

Tim Burton’s histrionic characters, like Edward Scissorhands: wrapped in darkness, absolute black background, as in mourning dress... Mourning that daily accompanies me in silence for all those who have died of the greatest human stupidity, WAR. These images are for them.

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