Mayte Garrote - GEA Kollektion

Gea, Farben der Mutter Erde, die neue Kollektion von Mayte Garrote

Gea is the Earth Goddess! The inspiration has been our globe with its incredible color palette... either a sunset with orange tones ... or aturquoise of overwhelming intensity in the warm Caribbean coast, or the countless brush-strokes and infinite variations between the greens and browns of our forests ... In short, colors of our mother earth. Different textures, from the purest, polished, soft and straight, to the orderly chaos of an Afro hair in rocky gray; going through a hair in black-green tones with a straw-like texture and an unstructured cut, or a jellyfish mane and a cascade of turquoise water ... even a pronounced haircut with a light texture... all that is: Gea.

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