Enrique Serrano - Boogie Kollektion

Die neue Boogie Kollektion von Enrique Serrano

Inspired by the 70, in the disco DIVAS, singers and artists of the time. A wink to those years and to the “Saturday Night Fever” with funky rhythms. Blond, brown, orange and red are the four colors chosen to express our disc concept of the 70. VIOLET BROWN with fringe and extra-short sideburn. BRIGHT RED with the lastest generation afro hairstyle. ORANGE layered long cutting much like Farrah Fawcett, with modern touches and marked only with rings. Cold BLOND foamy curls with asymmetric shape. This is our proposal for a business woman with ultramodern touches.


Enrique Serrano - Salón Gaudí

Enrique Serrano has 21 tears passionate about his profession and 13 in front of Salón Gaudí, located in Las Arenas (Bilbao).

This year 2016 has presented two collections, the first is DUST and had a great media. He also has received the award BEST VÍDEO with this collection at the TCT International Awards, held in June in Tenerife. BOOGIE, his second artistic creation, brings us closer to the 70 although it merges with the latest trends in cutting, coloring and styling.

He belongs to the artistic team I.C.O.N., signature styling products he Works daily. He Works as a image consultant for Madrubb with which paraded in MFShow and he is Brand Ambassador for Elegance Hair Extensions.


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