Marco PM - Boreal Kollektion

Die neue Boreal Kollektion von Marco PM

The force of nature has been on this occasion the engine to fuel this new collection.

It was in the Nordic landscapes where I found the likeness to my new proposal: the likeness between the strong northerly wind and the movement of the hair; the likeness between the northern lights, the ice, the fire, the deep forests and the shades of color.

Our models are strong women; the stand for their own style and they mark this new fashion trend. In the styling, we have opted for organic tissues which are versatile on the movement and for neutral colors of clothing to give more prominence to the hair.

We propose more elongated silhouettes, with more hair necks, broken styles and paraded to emphasize movement. The color will be the key of this new proposal, cold tones ranging from silver gray to turquoise; and warm tones from cold coppery to subdued red.

I want to thank once again all the people that have made possible this project. The enthusiasm and the creativity keep us alive. I hope you will enjoy as much Marco's PM team.

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